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30mm Anti-Mine Projectile

  • Long Range Underwater Mine Lethality (140'+)
  • Fin Stabilized for In-Air Flight
  • Uses Standard GAU-8 Cartridges
  • ICD Compatibility with Mk44/Bushmaster II
  • Proven Single Hit Mine Lethality
  • Simple Three Petal Sabot Design
  • Leverages Successful RAMICS ATD Program
  • 0.55 lb (250 g) Sub-Projectile Mass
  • Length 7.5 inches (190.5 mm)

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The 30mm AMP, a growth evolution of the proven 20mm RAMICS ATD supercavitating projectile, is compatible with the family of 30 mm x 173 ammunition used on the Mk44/Bushmaster II gun system. This system will be deployed in substantial numbers on the Marine Corps' Advanced Amphibious Assualt Vehicle (AAAV) scheduled to enter service around the middle of the decade. The system will also find use in a number of marine and airborne applications with US and allied forces.

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The munition offers long underwater lethal range (140'+) and single hit kill capability against a wide range of insensitive mine types. Prompt deflagration of the mine's warhead, independent of any fuse or trigger function, provides immediate bomb damage assessment (BDA) to the war fighters in the form of a visible surface plume.

The lethality of the round gives a simple look, shoot, kill capability to the helicopter crew enabling them to maintain a rapid tempo of operations and maximizing the tactical effectiveness of every mission while minimizing exposure to hostile forces.

3" Steel Penetration after 20' Water Travel

C Tech currently offers supercavitating round designs in 50 caliber, 20mm, and 30mm sizes. We can quickly and cost effectively create a point design and prototypes suited to your specific application. For more information please contact Rod Daebelliehn at rod@ctech.esdcorp.com or via phone at (360) 452-2275.